Welcome, I'm Lani

Product designer with 8 years of experience in more than 30 design and innovation projects in different sectors (finance, telecommunications, new technologies and government). I understand the technical possibilities, the KPI`s and the needs of stakeholders and people, to design simple solutions that improve their experience.

I like to work as a team and analyze the needs raised from different points of view until reaching the best solution for the client, the users and the development of it.


The beginning of my career

I started in the design and the interactive world when I learned "Minesweeper", a game of windows that I discovered when my parents bought my first computer at 13 years old. I imagined how to design my own game and since then I have not stopped learning and experimenting around many aspects of design and art.

Over time all this ceased of being my main entertainment to become my university education. Finally I decided to specialize in the UX / UI design and nowadays it is not only my profession, I am also proud to share it as my main passion.

Now I`m proud of sharing with you one of my first artistic projects.