VR Media

B2C / Mobile application

“We want to propose a different learning in which users explore different and more dynamic ways to interact with others and get richer from new technologies"


Currently, distance learning tools consist of videos, evaluations and / or projects that allow users to measure their learning. This dynamic can tend to be tiring, taking into account that there are new technologies that are taking the focus of learning to another level.


  • Interaction

    Offer new interaction tools in user learning.

  • Contact with experts

    Allow knowledge sessions with experts as spaces to have different approaches from the users.

  • Networking

    Open spaces so that users from all over the world can share their experiences and knowledge.

Proposed Solution

Generate a mobile solution that allows users not only to watch videos and take evaluations, but also to interact with experts and other students based on virtual reality.


People interested in acquiring new knowledge from interactive material and virtual environments.


Meet Antonio

34 years - Systems engineer
Use of mobile applications: advanced level

Antonio is very analytical and curious; I like to explore new technologies, learn how they are developed and learn new programming languages.

This mobile solution would be very useful to expand their knowledge and meet other people and experts, from this new technology.


Meet Norma

40 years - Administration Technician
Use of mobile applications: intermediate level

Norma is a very creative girl and passionate about her profession. She wants to learn in depth the tools that help her to present her ideas in an unlimited way.

This solution would help Norma to learn in a more interactive way, getting to know the experts in her favorite areas of design and starting her network globally.


Meet Alejandra

30 years - Entrepreneur
Use of digital tools: intermediate level

Alejandra is a dreamer and ambitious person, her company consists in teaching courses for certifications to all types of professionals.

She has recently started her business and needs to know tools in which she can support herself to expand and reach people not only in Mexico.

System flow

From several sessions of understanding the whole process with the project manager and development, I elaborated a flow that shows in detail all the components of the solution:

  • Catalog of available courses
  • Catalog of courses purchased
    • Video tutorials
    • Interactive evaluations
    • Sessions in virtual reality forums
    • Conferences in virtual reality sessions
    • Virtual reality experiences
    • Account settings and options
    • VR coins (gamification)

This material was key to start with a rough estimate as well as to have clarity of the components to be considered within the MVP.

VR Media


Starting from the flow, I started with the rough sketches of each of the components until completing an initial prototype from wireframes that was very useful for making the first tests with users.

The results yielded very valuable information:

  • In the description of the courses the information related to the virtual environments was not easily found, so they went unnoticed.
  • The benefits of participating in virtual environments sessions were not clearly understood.
  • Some screens were too large due to the amount of resources available.


Finally I reached to the phase of visual magic, adding styles of colors, typographies, dimensions and images; all this based on the identity and logo already defined by the business area.

In the second phase of tests with users in the prototype, interesting results were obtained:

  • Several of the virtual reality scenarios were not stable, or with a fixed orientation when starting, so it generated confusion and even dizziness.
  • All the findings with impediments that have been found in the first tests were successfully improved.
  • Of all the material offered in virtual reality, there were some activities that users were confused about.



In virtual environments, beyond the aesthetics of spaces, there were several phases of user testing of different ages. Spaces, distances, duration of the sessions, forms of interaction, among others, were evaluated.

Technical analysis

When dealing with new technologies we prefer to do several technical tests, since 3D environments and activities generated slowness and greater weight in the application. Doing this type of analysis from several approaches prevents efforts in the wrong direction and guarantees progress with greater security.