"We want the home page of the TECNOGEM Congress, to reflect technology and innovation through an attractive design"


TECNOGEM is a government congress that emerged in 2015 to promote a modern, efficient and transparent public administration.

My contribution

The TECNOGEM project has been a very important one in my career, since I designed the official logo from the first edition in 2015 and all the material required for the event (stationery, canvas, digital advertising, official curtain, etc.)

I made a benchmarking to know the information and priority interaction that the event and congress sites give from their homepage. I was also in contact with the leader of the development team to identify the feasibility of different libraries that offered dynamism to the site.

Finally I decided to also take into account my abilities in the 3D modeling part to generate images that have not been used already in other sites and to combine it with the technological essence of the event.

The result

This event has undoubtedly been very successful in the Mexico State and continues taking place annually. In the call for 2016, the event grew a lot by the real interest of the agencies (109) and the presence of more companies than in 2015 (24 national and multinational), in total about 700 people participated.

The recommendation of the event and its attractive visual identity and website hooked many and received positive comments before and after the event.